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Physical Education Class Description

This middle school Physical Education course was developed to help students further develop a healthy attitude and lifestyle towards physical activity. Units of study include: personal fitness, individual sports, team sports,and aerobic activities. During these units, students will learn the history, strategies, and rules of various sport activities, as well as developing and refining their skills needed to successfully participate in the activity. 7th Grade students will only be dressing out and participating in physical education activities on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Areas to be covered:

  • Personal fitness/ Physical Fitness
  • Cooperative games, Individual/Dual
  • Sport Skills/Lead –up Games
  • Lifetime activities
  • Rhythm and Dance
  • Fitness Gram

Health Class Description:

This year 7th graders will be having health education on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will learn about various healthy concepts including physical, social, and emotional health that will help them deal with daily life. In addition, Bully Awareness will be covered during health class to help provide the proper tools so that our students remain bully-free.

Required Materials:

Shorts, Tennis Shoes, and a T-Shirt (M, W, F)

Spiral Journal (T, R)

Behavior Expectations:

Classroom Expectations:

Be Respectful: Use appropriate language.  Be respectful and wait for your turn.

Be Orderly:  Follow directions.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Be Accountable:  Be ready to learn.  Always have required materials.

Be Responsible:  Be on time.  Complete all assignments.


Positive Behavior Supports:

1- Verbal and written praise

2- Positive call, note, e-mail to parent or legal guardian

3- Participation in school wide events (extracurricular activities, pep rallies, dances)


Behavior Interventions:

1- Reteach Expectations & Procedures

2- Teacher/ Student Conference

3- Parent/Guardian Conference

4- Withdrawal of Privileges

5- Discipline Referral to Administration

6- Severe Clause: Refer immediately to administration


Grading Policies: 

The student will be graded as per UISD Grading Policies.  You may refer to the U.I.S.D website for further information. 

Grades will be given at the end of the six weeks according to school policy.  Progress reports will be issued during the third week of the six weeks. Students will be graded in different ways: Health (Daily grades and Tests) and PE (Dressing out, Participation/Daily Grades, and Tests). Percentages are as follow:


Daily Grades (Class work): 60%

Tests: 40%


Dressing Out: 10%

Daily Participation (Class work): 50%

Tests: 40%