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Counselors Corner



The Guidance and Counseling department intentionally plans, organizes, and implements a comprehensive school counseling program aligned to the Texas Model that assists all students in their personal, social, academic, and career development. Professional School Counselors (PSC’s) collaborate with stakeholders to meet the individual needs of each student by implementing supports aiding in student growth which further cultivates their development into global citizens. 




Professional School Counselor Beliefs

  • All students can achieve academic success given appropriate support in safe and nurturing environments while respecting their unique and diverse needs;
  • All students have value and the right to have access to a comprehensive school counseling program;
  • All students can grow personally when their social and emotional needs are met;
  • All school counselors will advocate for UISD student needs through student-centered policies and procedures;
  • All school counselors understand student personal-social development stages and will provide appropriate proactive and responsive counseling services.



Meet Our Counselors and Staff

An image of Cristobal Casso

Cristobal Casso

Sophomore Counselor A-K
An image of Cindy Gomez

Cindy Gomez

Sophomore Counselor L-Z
An image of Miriam Chapa

Miriam Chapa

Junior Counselor (A-L)
An image of Sylvia Aguirre

Sylvia Aguirre

Junior Counselor M-Z
An image of Mariella Chaires

Mariella Chaires

Senior Counselor A-L
An image of Maribel De Luna

Maribel De Luna

Senior Counselor M-Z
An image of Rosa M. Ramos

Rosa M. Ramos

Early College Counselor
An image of Julio Anguiano

Julio Anguiano

Magnet Counselor
An image of Hector Gutierrez

Hector Gutierrez

LCDC Counselor
An image of Carolina Pellum

Carolina Pellum

License Professional Counselor
An image of Kenneth Castillo

Kenneth Castillo

Counselors Secretary
An image of Stacy Saldana

Stacy Saldana

Counselors Secretary