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The United ISD Athletic Department is committed to excellence in academics and athletics. We are dedicated to pursuing victory with honor, adhering to the rules of competition, promoting good sportsmanship, and to producing champions in sports and LIFE.

Core Values

  • Pride
  • Honor
  • Class
  • Tradition
  • Excellence

Opportunities exist for participation in the following sports: Football, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Cross Country, Swimming, Golf, and Track & Field.

Summer Camp

United South Baseball will have its annual summer camp and would like to invite you to join!  Two camps will be provided so that we can provide more drills and have smaller groups.  Please register online for one of the two camps.  Please see below for more information.

Camp 1- Incoming 2nd to 6th grade (June 3-4)

Camp 2- Incoming 7th- 9th grade (June 5-6)

Camp shirt included.  Incoming Freshmen will be evaluated for next year!!!!! 

 Register ONLINE - "Pay school activities