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Goals & Expectations


1. To provide advanced academic preparation for college-bound students.

2. To create an awareness of the skills necessary for the development of successful future leaders in the areas of business and advanced technology. Entrance Criteria Eighth-grade students who meet the criteria may apply. Grade Point Average Students should have a composite grade average of at least a B (80%) for Math, Science, Language Arts/Reading, and Social Studies based on the 7th-grade end-of-year report card, and the 8th-grade January report card except Reading. CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) Students must take the required entrance exam.


• All students must follow the United ISD Dress Code as stated in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.

• All students are expected to respect their peers, their teachers, and all school employees.

• All students are expected to maintain good attendance and positive behavior record.

• All students are expected to take a college entrance exam (SAT or ACT and TSI).

• Students are expected to maintain a good GPA in order to be accepted to the college of their choice.

• All students must take and pass all required magnet courses to graduate as a magnet associate.

• All students are expected to acquire a minimum of 250 community service hours before graduation.

• Students are expected to apply for all available scholarships.